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Salming Kobra Mens Court Shoes (White)
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●  Integrated ExoSkeleton
●  Recoil and Recoil R Cushion
●  Wrap Around System
●  Torsion Guide System 62/75
●  Lateral Movement Stabilizer +
●  Roll Bar
●  3-Layer Construction
●  8mm Drop
●  XR110 Rubber
Salming Kobra Mens Court Shoes are made for lightweight speed and cushioning across the court. A performance speed shoe with stability and durability to suit a whole range of players.

Integrated ExoSkeleton - The laces attach to strong straps that connect to the midsole. This pulls the midsole up to the foot and provides stability in the upper without the need for bulky support structures

Recoil and Recoil R Cushion - Recoil is a midsole compound to aid in rebounding energy from landings while Recoil R (Reduction) in the heel is design to absorb impact for comfort. A sandwich of these compounds is used in the midsole to give the most cushioning in the heel with the most rebound in the forefoot.

Wrap Around System - Rather than devolop a heel stabilisation system that sits on the midsole, the midsole around the heel has been extended up the shoe. This provides high stability as the heel cup and midsole are all all one piece working together.

Torsion Guide System 62/75 - From the heel to the ball of the foot (62% of the foot length) this section has been designed to be strong and stable to support the foot during heel strike while lunging. At the 62% mark a crenelation in the sole at a 75 degree angle marks the start of a more flexible section. The improved flexibility helps to make use of the dexterity of the front of the foot allowing more bend for improved contact on push off.

Lateral Movement Stabilizer - A bridge under the arch of the foot supports the mid-section of the shoe during irregular side movements.

Roll Bar - The sole on the inside of the shoe is rounded to facilitate the correct position for foot drag. It helps align the foot to slide on the improved surface that has been designed to last against wear.

3-Layer Construction - The upper is made of 3 sections for comfort and performance. The inside is a soft mesh to provide comfort against the foot. The middle layer provides the strength and support for the shoe; this middle section design reduces pressure on the foot by load spreading. The outer layer provides a smooth finish to the outside and seals everything together; it is also a more durable material to prevent damage to the outside of the shoe.

Lateral Movement Stabilizer + - Extended rubber on the outer of the shoe to help resist rolling of the ankle.

8mm Drop - A drop of 7mm from heel to toe sets the foot up in a natural posture position.

XR110 Rubber - An extra sticky durable rubber on the outsole for high grip and life.
Manufacturer Part Number: 1237072-0707
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5 / 5
Light and supportive
Sizing seems small to other brands - i.e. I am usually a 9.5UK, but 10UK is what I bought and fits perfectly
Pros & Cons
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very comfortable and great grip
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feel supportive around the ankle
Guest customer
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